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Ha Bowtell

I am a fully Certified Comprehensive Balanced Body Pilates Instructor.

I attended the Vietnam Ballet College of Dance in Hanoi when I was 10 years old. After 7 years of training, I decided to travel around the world which led me to join Vietnam Airlines as a flight attendant. I continued practicing Dance, Yoga and Pilates as part of my daily fitness routine and it was through this practice that I discovered my love and passion for Pilates. After 14 years of providing customer service within the Airline Industry at Senior Leadership level, I decided to become a Pilates Instructor.

I have been teaching Pilates including Matwork and Reformer since 2014 in Dubai, UAE. In early 2020 my family and I relocated back to Australia. I also teach Cadillac/Tower, Wunda Chair and Barrels.

I am qualified in the following:

  • Balanced Body Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Pilates Matwork and Reformer instructor with Pilates Moves, Sydney
  • Certified Pilates Prenatal & Postnatal Instructor
  • Balanced Body MOTR
  • Certified BootyBarre (Tracey Mallet)
  • Total Barre (Marrithew)
  • Certified level 1 Active Isolated Stretch (AIS) Arron Mattes method, and other training Workshops including a Scoliosis Course
  • Balanced Body Pain and the Healing Potential of Movement

As an avid Ballerina, I enjoy teaching people how to transform their bodies through Pilates and my passion for fitness.

With my knowledge, qualifications and expertise, I can help you to achieve your goals whether you are recovering from an injury or surgery, are pregnant or want to improve your posture, all over body strength, tone and fitness level.

Please see the rates below if you wish to start your Pilates journey with me today.

  • 1:1 sessions $90 for 45mins
  • 2:1 sessions $105 for 45mins