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Jordan Mostert

I have been involved in the gym scene for around 5+ years and finally became a fully qualified Personal Trainer last year. I have recently finished my Bachelor degree in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at the University of Queensland.

My approach to training people may differ from the standard PT. My values when training clients are to:

  • help increase functional strength e.g., to aid moving furniture, picking up heavy items, running with the kids/dog etc.
  • improve longevity and promote pain free movement
  • reduce chances of injury or reinjury
  • increase mental clarity – feel good in your body
  • smash goals and enjoy yourself while you do it

I believe every client is different, depending on their lifestyle, body architecture and sports specific goals. I will tailor programs and workouts to suit your SPECIFIC needs.

Clients will benefit in a whole range of areas:

  • improved fitness
  • improved functional strength
  • improved longevity and movement
  • improved injury reduction
  • improved mobility and flexibility
  • improved motivation and confidence

I want to prepare you for all types of situations, so you’ll be better off in the long run!

I am nearly finished my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Nutrition sciences and have ample knowledge when it comes to nutrition. I have researched specifically protein intake and understand the most effective amounts, timing, and type of protein to ingest during and after training.