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Tim Hughes

I have been a qualified Personal Trainer since 2005 when I completed the Master Trainer course at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

The world of health and fitness is constantly developing and since 2005 I have been immersed in many areas of training and education including:

  • Sports Strength and Conditioning
  • Functional Strength & Mobility
  • Mindset Training
  • Sleep Health
  • Real Food Nutrition
  • Intermittent Fasting

I keep up to date across a wide range of resources to find proven methods that can be adopted into successful strategies in helping clients become the healthiest version of themselves.

We are all unique and sometimes we need to try a different approach to work out the combination that will help you achieve healthy change - for good!

My job is to help find that combination and make it as simple as possible for you to eat, move and think to become leaner, stronger and healthier.

Training outcomes include:

  • More functional strength and mobility
  • More energy
  • More confidence
  • More active years
  • Better organ health
  • Better sleep


  • Less body fat
  • Less joint pain
  • Less stress
  • Less sluggishness
  • Less negativity
  • Less brain fog

That's more or less it! If you'd like to have a chat to see how you can get into the best shape of your life then give me a call for a free initial consultation on 0402 478118.

  • 3 x 45min PT Intro Pack $299